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Affimedia Group provides solutions for publishers and advertisers. Our mission is to bring ideas to life and help our clients achieve their goals. For us there are no limitations. Together we can dream big!


We rapidly apply positive changes and adopt new ideas. By staying up to date with new trends we add more value to our final product. Our business strategy makes us competitive and assures sustainability in the fast paced and constantly evolving Internet market.


Our guide to success is using fresh technology. This helps us create efficient tools, quickly complete projects and provide high quality finished products. With this technology we can extend our capabilities, stay competitive and bring new ideas to the Digital Market.


Our experienced team is our most important asset. You will never create anything special without people who are engaged and passionate about their work. Our team is able to solve any problem. This is our strength.

Diverse and multi-channel

Our Digital Marketing Services

To support our mutli-channel digital marketing we maintain many activities which are mostly focused on:
Content Marketing

Our dedicated Copywriting Team is determined on providing the best content on our websites, blogs and fan pages. This keeps us at the top position in Google searches and helps us realize SEO strategies. By composing articles that attract readers, we increase the engagement of our audience and this guarantees a higher quality of our leads.
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool because it connects customers via fan pages. Social Marketing gives us the unique opportunity to build a trusted community and be in touch with real people interested in precisely specified topics. This strategy allows us to ensure quality campaigns that have a strong impact. We know how to encourage people to talk, be active and therefore become valuable leads.
Email marketing

When it comes to email marketing our goal is that our emails elicit an action from our customers. We care about our audience and we understand that we need to be very careful with email marketing. Our message and layout needs to be perfect so that we can reach our target. This is what we can help you achieve.
Paid Search

To increase our organic traffic, our sites as well as our operator’s sites, are supported through media buying. We constantly monitor our activities by working with Google AdWords Certified Professionals and other experts that have media buying experience. This way, we make sure we’re getting the best return on our investment. Our media buying covers: Paid search, Display (banners, pop-ups, pop-unders), Mobile advertising, and Social advertising.

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